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career patient communication patient script Dec 15, 2020

So my twin seven-year-old girls just figured out how to text me videos from their iPad. So far, I have received videos of them showing me their butt and others doing cartwheels in slow motion. Obviously, I can’t help but laugh.

Now at this point, you’re probably thinking, "Why the hell is he telling me all this?". YES, I agree, what is the relevance here? Well, it just got me thinking about change. About how quickly things can change. About how profoundly things can change, even over a short period of time. It seemed like yesterday that my little crazies were just learning to ride a bike, where I had to run with them up and down the street holding onto the back of the bicycle. And now they are texting me videos.

So that leads me into the topic of this discussion, which is of course, CHANGE. What changes have occurred in your life recently? Well because it’s still 2020, I imagine a whole bunch. This was a year to forget for many of us. I’m sure most of you have had to adapt to the virus and the government lockdowns in one way or another.

But, what about your career and your prospect for future advancement? Have you put that on hold? Have you given this any thought since March 2020? Well I'm writing this to suggest that you should. The world is always changing, so we must change and adapt, in order to succeed. The virus won’t be here forever. The government lockdowns will go away eventually.

If you haven't thought about your career or your goals in the past 10 months, then there is no better time than now. If you're not ready to make a change tomorrow, well then that's fine. But, how about writing out some goals (yes on real paper), for the next quarter and the next year. Where can you see yourself in 6 months, 12 months, or 3 years. Remember the world is changing around you, whether you like it or not. If you aren't thinking about how you will adapt or where you want to go, then don't be surprised when others pass you by. If you don't actively create a plan for your life, then it's a good bet you'll be a part of someone else's plan.

Let's start thinking about some changes in your career. Sometimes it helps to do a "for example" experiment. Let’s say you are an x-ray tech and you have gotten pretty good at your job. Your colleagues like you on a personal level and they like working with you because you aren't lazy and you have competence. Perhaps this is the year you start CT school and learn a new modality. Why not broaden your list of skills and work on your personal capital. Some also refer to this as intellectual capital.

Another example. You just finished CT school, but you feel like you don't have enough on the job real world knowledge that you should have, in order to fully function on your own. How do you increase your skills quickly, without having to build them over the course of several years? How do you gain favor with the department manager or the radiology staff in order to climb the ladder of respect and responsibility you deserve and achieve that lead tech position?

You need someone in your corner. You need a coach to help you make these changes in your life. Who the hell said you have to wait years to advance your career? No successful person ever. Well, if you want some help, I can do that for you. I have 2 courses available right now that will put you on the path to success. Even if you don't end up buying, just check out the promo pages to at least see what they are all about. The Patient Communication Course at will help turn you into a great communicator, which is key to advancing your career and standing out in a team setting. This course will also give you an entire script to use when talking to patients, to gather critical information and make sure you are doing the right test. The other course is called CT Contrast at, and it covers everything I think you need to know regarding contrast reactions, premedication, prevention of kidney damage, what should be on your screening form and so much more. Look, obviously I am trying to sell you something, but I made them very affordable and I think you are worth it. I think the change that you could achieve much faster in your career is worth it too. Do you?

Create your own path to success! Don't be a passive cog in someone else's plan.

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